Client stories

"Banque de France used COGIMETRICS in some of its IT projects, in order to improve their governance. Cogimetrics allowed us to strengthen the monitoring of key indicators (scope, cost, time) and to promote a shared vision of all stakeholders of the project."

Thierry Bedoin, Information System organization Manager at Banque de France

"COGIMETRICS model with its original, pragmatic and operational approach, brought us a good vision of the situation and risks regarding three complex projects ; accompanying recommendations have helped to improve project management. In addition, COGIMETRICS has a useful educational dimension to the various actors."

Didier Saint-Jalmes, CIO of Renault General Resources Management

"COGIMETRICS has been implemented on several RCI projects, which have now been completed. The model is used on a project currently underway abroad. This contribution seems essential to understand the real situation and risks, objectify the evolution of the project control over time, help take corrective action if necessary."

Patrice Cabrier, Accounts Manager and CIO at RCI Banque

"We were able to implement COGIMETRICS; this is more than just a model, radar or dashboard: it is a time to conduct an in-depth reflection and improve the project management as well as the outcomes. It is also an opportunity to develop a new mindset, agree to say what's wrong in order to do differently and better!"

Brigitte Ammann, Digital Platform Manager at RCI Banque